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The Trim is HERE!

Hail and good day to my fellow Mountaineers!  The Trim is HERE!  We now have 500 yards of Baronial Populace Badge Trim, available for sale at $2.50 per yard.

Checks may be made out to SCA, Inc. – Barony of Hidden Mountain and sent to:

Robert Himmelsbach, 199 Cabrill Dr., Charleston SC 29414.

For everyone who pre-ordered – please let me know how you want to get your trim – if I don’t her from you  by the end of this week (11/7/2020) I will assume you want me to mail you your trim and will do so next week.  If you want to pick it up from me, please call 843-852-7896 and let me know when, so I can have it ready for you.

It came to us in rolls of 30.5 yards each and we can sell cuts of down to ¼ yard if you so desire.  It will continue to be available until we sell out, and Andrixos has more in storage if we need it, so ordering more is easy.  I have attached a terrible scan of the trim below.

Recommend Someone for an Award!

See someone doing awesome things? Think they deserve an award? It won’t happen unless YOU make it happen!    Go here to make your recommendations.  You will need to sign in on this page.

You can submit both Kingdom and Baronial level award recommendations.

Don’t forget to go to the last link Friends and Family and list which upcoming events you (and your friends) will be attending.

Baronial Inventories are now available on the website.  Check it out

Baronial Calendar

Events, meeting and virtual meeting are in the process of being updated.  They will be added as soon as the information is available.


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