Feast Menu

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First Remove

Farm Cheese (Because it goes awesome with brown bread)
Brown bread

Sudelty 1

Quick Pickles

Second Remove

Onion Pea Soup (Early French Onion Soup) (It won me, So You Think You Can Cook)

Sudelty 2

Lemon jello (Made with Agar Agar)

Third Remove

Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce
Spinach Rice Pilaf (My mom thinks this is the best thing in the feast)

Sudelty 3

Apple Rosettes (They are soooo pretty and yummy)

Fourth Remove

Vegetable pies with gravy
Dates stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon (Everything is better with bacon)

Sudelty 4

Iced cheese with fruit (Kind of like a early ice cream)

Fifth Remove

Roast/ Smoked pork (What else do I own 2 smokers for?)
Ginger glazed carrots (Personal fave)
Spiced Pears
Bread (Yes, even more bread. I promise a variety.)

Sudlety 5

Sugared mint leaves

6th Remove

Shortbread Cookies (Will take recommendations. Looking at a brown sugar short bread right now.)
Flourless Chocolate cake (Love making it and eating it.)
Fruit compote (Goes great with the above two)



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