Hidden Mountain’s Baronial Birthday

March 22-24  at  Sandy Ridge Girl Scout Camp

3681 Girlscout Rd, Bennettsville, SC 29512

(Directions and restrictions are at the bottom)

The schedule of activities can be found here:
Thirty-five years ago, Sir Eldon Ungol looked towards the sea and saw a glorious land inhabited by proud people who yearned for a unification to proclaim their allegiance to the Crown of Atlantia. Out of those sands, the Barony of Hidden Mountain was created.
Now Hidden Mountain invites you all of you to their Baronial Birthday for a weekend of celebration in honor of their thirty-five years as a barony.  Since this is a celebration of circumstance, all pomp and heraldry are requested, and the best showing of such will be rewarded as Roibeard and Cecilia, Baron and Baroness of Hidden Mountain select their new champions.

Autocrat:   Lady Kathryn M’Kethirryke.  She is available to answer any questions you might have.


Master Geoffrey d’Ayr of Montalban will take your reservations.  Checks can be mailed to: Robert Himmelsbach, 199 Cabrill Dr, Charleston, SC 29414.  Phone:  843-852-7896

Last day to pre-purchase feast is Monday,  March 18.

The site opens to attendees at 5 PM Friday evening and closes Sunday morning at 11:00 AM.

Event Costs Site Fee Feast Cabin Rental Tent Space
Non-Member Fee 17 10 7 3
Member fee with discount 12 10 7 3
Children’s fees 6 10 6 3

If you are not a member, this might be a good time to join the SCA and get the member discount right now, and at all future events.  You can join right here.

Volunteers are needed to assist at troll, please let Master Geoffrey if you can help!

Youth Activities and Competitions

Marshal Activities: 

Baron Roibeard is our field director. He will coordinate set up and break

down of the field, as well as the scheduling of all martial activities.

Heavy:  Sir Hrothgar Ravensson  is the Marshal in Charge,  There will be a no-shield, single elimination,  best of 3, as well as a double standard elimination.

Rapier: BaronBrendonO’Caiside has volunteered to run rapier events.  There will be Champions Challenge, Round Robin Rapier, and Round Robin Cut and Thrust.

Archery:  Lord Patris de Terra Lepori will run archery activities.  There will be a novelty shoot with a prize, as well as a champion’s shoot for consideration by their Excellencies for selecting their champion.  There will be YOUTH Archery as well.

Youth:  Lord Robert the Banished  will run youth armored combat for HMBB.  Points will be awarded to each combatant displaying heraldry, weather on their shield or your clothes. This can be the heraldry of your barony, canton, household, parent, sponsor or yourself.

Format:  Bear Pit Points: 1 for fight 1 for win 1 for heraldry The combatant with the most points, wins

MOL:   Lady Qulan Chaghan is our MOL, she asks all fighters to please bring your  authorization card with you, however if you don’t have it, or are just now authorizing, make sure you know your Atlantian online log-in information and we can access your information, or update it as needed.

A&S Contests

A & S Contests:  Lady Esme Bramley is in charge of the A & S activities.  Bring your best examples of heraldic work in your choice of medium for competition or display. Prizes will be awarded for both beginners and experienced artisans.

A & S for Youth:  Lady Katherine of the Doves will be hosting children’s A&S competitions for heraldic work in your choice of medium.  Prizes will judged as following based on the age of the participant’s age,  5 and younger, 6-10, and 10-17.

Youth Classes:  Lady Katherine  will teach two  YAFA classes, details will be posted soon.


Full Menu can be found here.

Ingredients list here, and on the menu page

Lord Sean Sreamach is preparing our wonderful meal.  After working in a multitude of feast kitchens during his many years in the SCA, Lord Sean is taking on his first independent feast.  The menu will be based on period French cuisine and recipes he has collected during this time.

If you have food restrictions, please email Lord Sean Sreamach. and let him know about your needs.  The full menu will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

If you would like to help with the feast, he needs:

  • A few more kitchen helpers
  • Servers
  • An expeditor
  • An energetic clean up crew.

Just email him at the link above, and let him know you are interested in helping out.

Merchanting Information:

We welcome Merchants! Please contact the  Autocrat for more information. 

Event Site Information: 


From the South:  Get on I-20 E, Follow I-20 E to US-401 N in Darlington County. Take exit 131 from I-20 E, Follow US-401 N and SC-912 N to Girlscout Rd in Marlboro County

From the north:  Get on US-1 S in New Hill from Beaver Creek Rd and Pea Ridge Rd, 14 min (10.2 mi), Continue on US-1 S to Marston 1 h 1 min (59.3 mi), Continue on NC-177 S. Drive to Girlscout Rd in Marlboro County

Site Restrictions:

Smoking in permitted areas only.

Service animals will be admitted with a rabies tag,  however if their behavior becomes a problem, they will be removed from the event, as per ADA rules.

RVs allowed but no hookups available Parking Rules Enforced


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