Letter of Intent of Lord Patris de Terra Lepori and Lady Slaine inghean ui Sheachnasaigh

Unto Their Royal Majesties Cuán VIII and Signy II, The Kingdom Seneschal Master Vladimir
Vladimirovich Vladimirov, Their Excellencies Hidden Mountain Baron Roibeard and Mistress
Cecilia, Kingdom Regional Deputy Seneschal Dame Morwenna Trevethan and Populace of
Hidden Mountain, do we Lord Patris de Terra Lepori and Lady Slaine inghean ui Sheachnasaigh
send our humble greetings.

It is our hope that this letter will serve as our formal intention to put forward our names for
consideration as candidates as the next Baron and Baroness of your great Barony of Hidden

As the time for Their Excellencies Roibeard and Cecilia to step down as the representatives of the Crown has approached, we have been encouraged by the populace to contemplate putting our names forward for consideration. After carefully weighing the matter, we have decided to doso.   such, we would like to share with you the factors that contributed to our decision, but first we would like to give you a chance to get to know us better.

While only into our third decade, we have been working together as a team for one third of
those years, most of which we have been active within the Society. We first joined the Society in
the Kingdom of the Midrealm in the Barony of the Cleftlands. Through service to the Crown and
His people, the Baron at that time served as a role model whom we would strive to emulate.
Following his example, we would hope to kindle in others the inspiration He first kindled in us.

When circumstances of mundane life conspired to bring us to Atlantia’s fair shores five years
ago, we quickly integrated into our new Barony and Canton, taking on the responsibilities of the
Baronial officers of Herald and Chatelaine, as well as the Canton offices of Seneschal and
Chatelaine. In these positions, we have worked tirelessly to increase the population within Your
lands, and have seen the number of active participants in our canton more than double.

As members of the populace of Hidden Mountain, we have participated in our Barony in a
variety of ways. Lord Patris is primarily an artisan, crafting fine jewelry, site tokens, and award
medallions in pewter and silver. He has earned both a Silver Nautilus for his pewter casting
displays, as well as a coral branch for his work with pewter. His art is frequently done in service
to the Society, which has been recognized at the Kingdom level with an Undine as well as with
an Opal. Lady Slaine is also a talented artisan with diverse interests which include basketry,
metal working, and baking, for which she earned her Coral Branch. Her love of cooking also
frequently finds her in the kitchen helping to prepare and clean up after feasts.

Our joint service to the Barony of Hidden Mountain has been recognized with a Sable Mountain,
and our service to our western neighbors in the Barony of Nottinghill Coill was recognized with a Coill’s Hydra. While neither of us participates in Armored Combat directly, we support our
fighters through photography of their deeds and ensuring that they stay hydrated. Both of us are authorized in heavy rapier, for which Lady Slaine has been recognized with a Crimson Cloud.
We have also worked to supply new rapier fighters with loaner armor and have prepared them
to get authorized. We are both warranted archery marshals and Lord Patris has served as the
archery marshall in charge at several events, both within and beyond the borders of our Barony.

As for the factors that contributed to our decision to put forward our names for your
consideration, we would share them with you now. While many of the contributing factors in our
deliberations are purely mundane and logistical in nature, our primary motivations for seeking to serve as landed baronage are to increase the growth, harmony, and commitment within the
Barony of Hidden Mountain.


Growth has been one of our primary goals for the last several years, and we are only just
beginning to reap the benefits of our hard work. We believe that as landed Baronage, we can
not only continue these efforts but improve upon them. Through continuing to demonstrate the
many talents and skills of our members in local venues as well as by expanding access to
fighter practices and arts workshops, we hope to recruit the next generation of eager and
enthusiastic subjects of Atlantia.


Due to the large geographic area that comprises Hidden Mountain, it is only natural that strong bonds of comradery will form between those members who are located most closely to one another. Unfortunately, it has been our observation that while Canton identity is strong, our Baronial identity has suffered. We would seek to continue the good work that Roibeard and Cecilia have continued in strengthening our baronial identity. We would accomplish this through the forging of stronger Inter-Canton bonds, through increased coordination at events, and greater cooperation at a Baronial level. We wish for all who live in this beautiful Barony to be united and proud of the good works we can accomplish together. To this end, we will also encourage the Populace to travel with us throughout the Kingdom and beyond, that the entirety of the Known World will know the strength of Atlantian arms, the wit of Atlantian scholars, and the wondrous acts of service done by those who take pride in calling themselves an Atlantian.

It seems like it should go without saying, but we believe that the next baronage should continue
in the example set forth by Their Excellencies, and have a firm commitment to all aspects of the
barony. After consulting with landed baronages past and present whom we hold in great
confidence, we understand that serving as the Crown’s regional representatives will be a
significant commitment of our own personal resources; not only of time and money, but of self,
of sleep, and even sanity. In these areas, we are fortunate to be blessed with a light burden,
leaving us with an abundance to share with our barony. We are also not so foolish as to think
that we can do everything ourselves, and as such, we have a strong contingent of people in
whom we can trust to support us whenever the need should arise.

We intend on taking an active part each month in our baronial meetings, and we would
encourage the Populace to do so as well. We hope to serve as an example of how the Barony is
stronger when we all work together. We intend that there will be no task too small, or distance
too far, should we be chosen as Baronage. We hope that Your Majesties and populace of
Hidden Mountain would judge us not on mere words, but also think on the works we have
already done.

Finally, know that regardless of Your Majesties decision, it is our intent to follow through with
what we have said, either as Baronage, or not. We are not perfect. We will fail. We will learn,
and we will grow, but most importantly, we will try. With your benediction, we would serve as the
next representatives of the crown in Hidden Mountain.

Your Loyal Subjects,

Lady Slaine inghean ui Sheachnasaigh                                                            Lord Patris de Terra Lepori                   Argent two dogs courant in chevron                                                                 Gules and on a chief Or four pallets Gules  respectant Sable in chief three sunflowers Or                                                                                                          (Submitted October 2019)                                                                                  (Registered March 2017)

phone: 303-808-2105


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