Letter of Intent of Lord Robert of the Misty Marsh, called the banished Lady Bridget O Shea

     Unto Their Royal Majesties Atlantia, Cuan MacDaige and Signy Heri, Their Royal Highnesses Atlantia, Anton Tremayne and Luned of Snowdon, Their Excellencies Hidden Mountain Roibeard MacOscar and Cecilia Blythe, and the populace of the Barony of Hidden Mountain, do we, Robert and Bridget send greeting and hope for the future.

     After much consideration, we, Lord Robert of the Misty Marsh, called the banished (Stephen Pace), and Lady Bridget O Shea (Pamela Pace) have made the decision to present ourselves for consideration for the next Baron and Baroness of Hidden Mountain.

     We, Robert and Bridget have served the Barony for over 20 years and have close ties with each of the cantons. Robert has served the Barony as Seneschal, and the Canton of Misty Marsh as Seneschal, Exchequer, Knight Marshal, Youth Marshal, and MOL. Bridget has severed the Canton of misty Marsh as Chatelaine, MOAS,Exchequer, and is currently the Seneschal.

     If we are selected as Baronage, we have three main goals, strengthen the unity between the cantons, increase the “magic” of the SCA, and increase participation and recognition of the youth and teens of our barony.

Our first goal is to strengthen the unity between the cantons. We hope to achieve this by working closely with each of the canton Seneschals, attending canton gatherings, strengthening communication between the cantons, and promoting active involvement in the barony as a whole.

     Our second goal is increase the “magic” of the SCA through pomp and grander. We wish to increase pride in our amazing barony and it’s cantons. It is our plans to hold heraldry workshops and competitions to encourage the display of baronial, canton and personal arms.

     Our third goal is to increase participation and recognition of the youth and teens of our barony. Robert will continue his work with youth armored combat and would like to work with the rapier community to bring youth rapier to the area. Bridget would sponsor A&S competitions, and general activities geared towards youth and teens. We plan to continue the discussion on youth level Baronial awards. It is also our desire to hold a youth and teen staffed event. The youth and teens would be paired with an adult mentor to fill the roles of the event staff. This would give them ownership of the event and therefor the SCA, and pass on the necessary skills to continue the SCA through the next generation.

     In conclusion, you all know our characterful and our deeds, if you find them worthy , it would be our highest honor to serve in this capacity. In continued service to the Society, the Kingdom and the Barony

THL Robert of the Misty Marsh, ODM THL                                               Bridget O Shea, ODM                                     (called the banished)                                                                                                                                                          Companion of the orders of:                                                                        Companion of the orders of:                                The Golden Dolphin                                                                                       The Golden Dolphin                                          The Opal                                                                                                          The Opal                                                             The Pinnacle of the Mountain                                                                     The Coral Branch                                                     The Defenders of the Mountain                                                                  The Pinnacle of the Mountain                       The Sable Mountain                                                                                      The Defenders of the Mountain                    The Crimson Mountain                                                                                  The Sable Mountain
                                                                                                                           The Crimson Mountain
                                                                                                                           The Azure Mountain

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